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Gmina Chocianów

Niedziela 03.03.2024

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Why is it worth investing here?

The unquestionable advantage of our commune are transport connections and the proximity of large cities. The following provincial roads run through the commune:

  • No. 331 Chocianów – Polkowice,
  • No. 328 Przemków – Chocianów – Chojnów,

In addition, our location is close to:

  • Motorways: A4, A18
  • Express road: S3,
  • National road no. 94
  • Airport terminal: International airport terminal in Wroclaw (112 km)
  • Henryk Wieniawski Airport Poznań-Ławica – (170 km)
  • Seaport in Szczecin (296 km) and seaport in Swinoujscie (366 km)

The largest cities in Poland and the closest European capitals are within easy reach:

  • Szczecin (290 km)
  • Lublin (600 km)
  • Poznań (160 km)
  • Katowice (290 km)
  • Kraków (458 km)
  • Warszawa (460 km)
  • Wrocław (115 km)

Distances to European capitals:

  • Berlin, Germany (264 km)
  • Prague, The Czech Republic (254 km)
  • Bratislava, Slovakia (485 km)
  • Vienna, Austria (575 km)

In addition, the Chocianów Commune is constantly implementing investments aimed at improving the living conditions in the commune. Thanks to the activity of the local government, the Commune, with the help of external funds, implements many investments in the field of technical, social and tourist infrastructure, as well as those related to environmental protection and renewable energy. Moreover, in order to create favorable conditions for business development, we systematically improve and prepare new offers of investment areas for entrepreneurs depending on their expectations.

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